Our Family Adventure

Sacramento To Redondo Beach

This is the story of our 12 day road trip and family adventure across America from Sacramento, California to Rochester, New York via car. A car I might add that blew out it's A/C a few days before the trip and we were taking a southerly route. Our trip plan was a good 100+ pages long with maps and information and was all put into a multifolder binder organized by state. Our total milage on the entire trip, a mere 4,850 miles.

Day 1 consisted of a 6 hour drive from Sacramento to Redondo Beach straight down I-5. We've been going to Redondo Beach for our vacation for the past few years.

From Our Redondo Beach Vacation. August 2004 [Click For Popup Panorama]

We usually stay at the Best Western Sunrise (about $160 a night with taxes and everything) which is located right next to the marina there and a short walk to the beach. I guess I waited too long to reserve it however and it was booked solid for two weeks when I checked a few days before.

We ended up staying at the Redondo Pier Inn which is also a short few blocks from the beach and cost us about $100 bucks. It wasn't nearly as nice, but we were only sleeping there. It had some sort of water problem because there was even a little damp water on the elevator stairs.


We did the usual. We hit the beach, ate some seafood and played around in the ocean. I told the kids to note the way the ocean was because we'd also be stopping at the Atlantic on our trip and they would be able to compare the two.


A good time was had by all. We got up and ate some little packaged danish's for breakfast from the hotel office and then began day 2 of our adventure across this massive, great land.

  1. Sacramento To Redondo Beach
  2. Redondo Beach To Hollywood To Route 66 And Oatman, AZ
  3. Grand Canyon Caverns To Grand Canyon To Meteor Crater To Wigwam Motel
  4. Wigwam Motel To Petrified Forest To Painted Desert To Albuquerque To Tucumcari, New Mexico
  5. Tucumcari, New Mexico Through Texas Panhandle To Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
  6. Dealey Plaza In Dallas, TX To Louisiana Downs At Harrah's In Bossier City To Bonnie And Clyde Historic Marker In Gibsland, LA To Vicksburg, MS
  7. Vicksburg, Mississippi To Demopolis, Alabama To Florida
  8. Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
  9. Orlando, Florida To Daytona Beach To Savannah, Georgia To Myrtle Beach, South Carolina To ???
  10. Ferry To Ocracoke Island And Cape Hatteras Outer Banks, North Carolina To Wright Brothers National Monument At Kitty Hawk To Newport News, Virginia
  11. Newport News, Virginia To Washington DC To Rochester, New York