Our Family Adventure

Tucumcari, New Mexico Through Texas Panhandle To Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

We received a call "early" in the morning from the office wondering if we were going to pay for another day or be on our way. It turned out it wasn't really early, but more along the lines of 10:15 or so and checkout was 11. So we quickly rushed to get everyone in the showers and head out the door. We were a little late and after loading our 500 Lbs. of bags into the car drove out of the little Pakistani family owned motel, catching hateful glares from them as we left for being so late.

The plan of the day was a straight trip down I-40 East, across the Texas panhandle, through western Oklahoma to Oklahoma City for the nights stay.

It was about a 5 hour drive that was uneventful as we passed through Amarillo, Texas and on through Oklahoma. There was nothing of note long the way.

We were ahead of schedule getting to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial early in the afternoon, but too late to actually go in the museum portion, which had closed. We did view the memorial itself and it was moving as you walked through the area and thought of all of those killed by the murderous domestic terrorists Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. While I'm not entirely convinced they acted alone they're the only ones we have to pin it on at this point.

The memorial was built right on top of the Murrah Federal building.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
Oklahome City Street View Oklhome City Wall Of Toys
The Wall The Wall
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Oklahoma City Memorial Pool

When you stare at the wall with all the stuffed animals and other things left for the victims of the attack you can't help but be moved. There are chairs lined up on a lawn inside next to the pool. Each chair is a different size depending on the age of the victim. You can imagine as you see the smaller chairs a little child sitting there looking out over the pool.

Oklahoma City Memorial Chairs Sculpture
Oklahoma City Memorial Pool Jesus Wept Statue
The Pool Jesus Wept
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Outside the front of the memorial is a figure of Jesus holding his head in his hands in grief with the simple engraving of "Jesus Wept" at the base of it.

A Wall At The Oklahoma City Memorial

By far the most impact was made on me when we walked around the other side of the memorial and down towards the museum building. There, on the wall, is a message that was left in spray paint by firefighters at the scene that day. It reads:

Team 5


We search for the truth.

We seek justice.

The courts require it.

The victims cry for it.

GOD demands it!

We originally had planned to get a place to sleep in Oklahoma City, but since we had gotten there too late to go to the museum we decided to head towards Dallas, Texas, one of our stops on Day 6. We headed south on I-35 for an hour or two and stopped for the night. I can't remember the town or the motel, because I was so tired, but it was a generic EconoLodge or something similar.

I crashed hard and that ended Day 5.

  1. Sacramento To Redondo Beach
  2. Redondo Beach To Hollywood To Route 66 And Oatman, AZ
  3. Grand Canyon Caverns To Grand Canyon To Meteor Crater To Wigwam Motel
  4. Wigwam Motel To Petrified Forest To Painted Desert To Albuquerque To Tucumcari, New Mexico
  5. Tucumcari, New Mexico Through Texas Panhandle To Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
  6. Dealey Plaza In Dallas, TX To Louisiana Downs At Harrah's In Bossier City To Bonnie And Clyde Historic Marker In Gibsland, LA To Vicksburg, MS
  7. Vicksburg, Mississippi To Demopolis, Alabama To Florida
  8. Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
  9. Orlando, Florida To Daytona Beach To Savannah, Georgia To Myrtle Beach, South Carolina To ???
  10. Ferry To Ocracoke Island And Cape Hatteras Outer Banks, North Carolina To Wright Brothers National Monument At Kitty Hawk To Newport News, Virginia
  11. Newport News, Virginia To Washington DC To Rochester, New York